“Divine Boxes stands for exclusive and exquisite craftsmanship.
We make unique boxes for jewelry, cufflinks, watches and cigars.
In our vision, every box is a piece of art which is made with a profound sense of precision.
The smallest detail contributes to the final result,
a one of a kind handmade box.”

selected works

jewelry box

luxury box with ‘papillon’ emblem. 
Amboyna with outskirts in snakewood


personalized cufflink collector box
Olive wood with outskirts in ebony


custom-made cigar collector box
Pomelle Sapele with outskirts in ebony

the art of making a humidor


Every humidor is not just a regular box.
To store cigars, the interior humidity should be kept on point at all times and the humidor should be sealed off perfectly when closed.

Therefore, making a hand-made humidor requires outstanding craftsmanship, brought to you by Divine Boxes.  


jewelry boxes
watch collectors
cufflink collectors


In addition to our collection items we provide fully customized boxes for
heirlooms, collector items or other valuable belongings.

By giving the owner the ability to customize to his personal preferences,
we aim to create a box which expresses the owner’s soul and personality.